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#1 2013-06-10 03:55:54

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Few questions about game

Hi all,

I would like to ask you to help me with few thing is the game. I apreciate every response and much responses much better smile

1. What do you consider to be more efficient:

a) a team with specialist (lets say my attacker will be 300 pts in shooting and other attribues by 20-30, my defender 300 rebounding/or blocking or deffence and others 20-30)
b) a team with all arounders (lets say my attacker will be 150 in shooting 100 3pt shooting, 100 speed, others 20-30, defender 100 rebound, 100 deffence, 100 block, others 20-30)

2. How do I became a captain of a team?/ How(where) do I create a team?
(I cant find the "create team" section)

3. Is the maximum amount of skill level limitless?

Tahnk you all



#2 2013-06-10 08:07:39

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Re: Few questions about game

To be truly competitive (Pro A), you need to train one "primary" attribute, typically to at least level 5 chem (273), but most are probably going level 6 or 7 (325, 377). However, you do need skill points, so there is some benefit to "point whoring" your way way up to a certain total TP also.

Just click on the Team button to the right of your trained points and there should be an option to join a team or create a team. If you're already on a team, you won't have that option - You'll need to leave first.

Maximum is 400. I wouldn't worry about reaching that for a while wink
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