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#1 2013-11-08 00:44:49

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From: Los Santos
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Season 45 Preseason CRIT

Hey all,

I would like to organize an early-season tournament similar to what Harbour did last season assuming all captains are interested. It looks like we have 4 active teams but who knows, things could change. If things stay at 4, the tournament would be double elimination with seedings based off of last season's standings with the champs getting the #1 seed by default (not just because I won it, but yeah, it helps lol).

So here are the standings and seeds I would expect:

(C) The Magic Johnsons - 1
(1) Old West - X
(2) LoL - X
(3) Manchester Rain - 2
(4) Old School All-Stars - X
(5) Go Go NFL Mascots Go - 3
(6) CR Veterans - 4
(7) Animal House - X
(8) Pimpolgy2 - X
(9) NFL Blitz - X
(10) Team Wafu - X

(if any of the "X" teams resume training, they would take their rightful place in the seedings)

The format for triple elimination would be as follows:

Day 1:
(0 losses)
Game 1: 1 plays 4
Game 2: 2 plays 3

Day 2:
(0 losses)
Game 3: G1 winner plays G2 winner

(1 loss)
Game 4: G1 loser plays G2 loser

Day 3:
(1 loss)
Game 5: G4 winner plays G3 loser

Day 4:
(0 loss vs 1 loss)
Game 6: G3 winner plays G5 winner

Day 5: (only necessary if G5 winner wins G6)
Game 7: G6 winner plays G6 loser

With so few teams, we could also do things like best-of-3 rounds, or a single elimination best-of-5 tournament. Let me know what you all think.

CHAMPS: 3 (TGP (J): S25, S42 *42-0*, TMJ (W): S44 *Captain*)
CRITs: 2 (VCH (J): S44), S48
MVPs: 1 (Archer (W): S44)



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