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#1 2020-12-21 19:59:51

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Madden is getting the lawn

This sub is way to Madden 21 coins doubtful to say anything positive about Madden in almost any manner. The Yard is a super cool idea and it's fine to be eager for this. I am a massive franchise guy that is not pleased with the current condition of CFM, but I really like this idea! That having been said, half this sub will observe the trailer, read the Gridiron Notes, and completely ignore any positives in order that they can last I to rant about completely unrelated problems with the match. You can't even post a cool highlight here without the top comment being somebody whining about the way broken or unrealistic something is. It is like the folks here only want to be cynical all the time whatever the content they view. It's actually a drag on anyone who doesn't totally 100% hate the game.

Seriously, it has turned into a huge circlejerk of all ppl who only talk in absolutes. These are my exact thoughts. It is okay to be pleased about one thing such as the yard and still upset over the state of franchise. This is a brand new and exciting 2k like thought. Exactly it's just people bitching about whatever they simply must make a sub at the place where they can bitch on the game instead of doing it here. I do not disagree with this at all.

I believe EA and madden are constantly seeking to add micro trades. That's the unfortunate reality of today's gaming. But like you said, we should not whine about brand new modes. It demonstrates that at least in some capacity they're attempting to keep the game clean. Not really. EA will get shit on however they have a long-term plan with each implementation. FIFA understands the new attributes first and the same follows in Madden from another title.

FIFA obtained a"player career story mode" afterward Madden got it another year. FIFA got Volta ( a road soccer) and today Madden is getting the lawn. FIFA is getting a very major overhaul to their livelihood mode this season, therefore I anticipate like Madden at Madden 22. But I believed I was supposed to despise everything about this game? Yes, but it clearly is one or another, is not it? EA has had the previous five years to fix the stuff that matters and instead they have added The Yard and Superstar KO.

I know that we can be"happy" for a new manner. But after a few years of no actual progress to gameplay or AI or a number of other items, including new game modes feels just like a shallow way to get more sales. Everybody saying they are copying The Park from 2K aren't aware they're copying Volta out of FIFA which was copying Threes out of cheap Mut 21 coins that was copying The Park that has existed in some form because like 2K5.



#2 2021-01-13 11:55:12

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Re: Madden is getting the lawn

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